Feature Animation

David co-composed the Worlds Divide score with frequent collaborator, Marc Junker. David also produced and mixed the score.

The Worlds Divide is an animated fantasy/action-adventure set in the world of Esluna.

Starting in a dystopian, futuristic, war-ridden Earth…a world void of vegetation with its citizens surviving solely on food rations.

One day, war hits too close to home and Terric sends both the children through a portal and into another world: Esluna. Natomi awakens alone in a lush grassy field with blue skies, a stark contrast to the world she left behind. Her awe of this new world is soon cut short as a tyrannical princess, IDENA, attempts to capture and kill her.

Now on the run, the layers of this new world are soon peeled back as Natomi discovers that her father is seen as a god here and the people want him to bring balance and peace to Esluna, with many legends and prophecies surrounding him. Natomi makes it her mission to get her father back to Esluna with the help of a ragtag group of new friends: a gruff cybernetic bear, MIITO, a smart mouthed pilot, ROKO, and a mysterious old criminal, BATAAR (who wields the same psychokinetic abilities as Natomi).

In order to get him back, Natomi must unlock clues hidden by her father, evade the Royal Magistrate, and uncover the mysteries of her power with the ultimate consequence of deciding her father’s fate.

View the teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E56og3Eog0M