David produced Marc Junker’s score for The Wishing Jar, bringing in cello, violin, and clarinet and mixing in 5.1.

Short animation

The Wishing Jar follows the otherworldly adventure of Ruby, who explores a mysterious fantasy realm and encounters giant goldfish, floating cities, and a menacing black goo that persistently follows her.

Directed and animated by Denver Jackson.
Produced by Cloudrise Pictures

Grand Prize Winner – Heartland Film Festival
Best Animation – San Diego Comicon Independent Film Festival
Audience Favourite Award – Victoria Film Festival

Score composed by Marc Junker

Produced, recorded, and mixed by David Parfit


Cello: Ashley Green
Violin: Melissa Bandura
Clarinet: Kate Frobeen
Vocals: Vanessa Annand

Special thanks to Dijon.

Download the music: junker.bandcamp.com

View the film at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ddh3mZeklo