Rachael Cardiello is a singer-songwriter originally from Montana and based out of Toronto.  One for the Wind is an EP she and I produced in my little studio, Seaside Sound, in 2011.

In her words, the EP is:

A collection of songs spanning sand-encrusted, childhood memories to weighted encounters with the world of “crazy” and those who inhabit it. Layered viola, piano and voice bring this album a striking richness and strength. I recorded this album shortly after a six week stay in the hospital where I had been gathering strength after a manic episode. Still shaken from the grandeur of metaphors that had inhabited my life before and in the hospital, the sliver of time where I readjusted to the “real world” proved incredibly creative and inspiring. A few of the songs were brand new, written on the hospital’s old and clunky piano. The power in these recordings lies in the combined strength and fragility that encompassed that time.