Composition for four Trimpin pianos and interactive visuals

Prepared Dimensions is a multimedia composition created in collaboration with composer and programmer Gabrielle Odowichuk and performed at Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC as part of the 2012 Trimpin CanonX + 4:33 = 100 exhibit.

When composing with sequences and MIDI, one goes to great lengths to add an organic, musical quality to the sounds. With Trimpin’s pianos, despite being mechnical devices, these qualities are inherant and repetition is no longer something to avoid, but something interesting in itself. How will the striker, scraper, or plucker react this time? The physical position of the pianos and the reverberant space in which they reside creates a lovely decay which we find fascinating, and elements of the piece reflect this. Combining our mutual interest in gestural control, we’ve composed a piece in which the mapping between human motion (captured by the Xbox Kinect) and acoustic sound becomes more complex as the piece progresses.