Feature Film

David co-composed the Esluna score with frequent collaborator, Marc Junker. David also produced and mixed the score.

Esluna: The Crown of Babylon is an animated fantasy/action-adventure set in the world of Esluna, which has retro-futuristic technology, but things such as computers are ancient relics whose secrets are beyond the knowledge of Esluna’s scholars.

The world of Esluna is ruled by kings and queens of a sacred bloodline, and technologically powered by the highly advanced relics of their ancients. Raised in a monastic order charged with protecting the technological relics of the old world, MAEVE is a treasure hunter, using her skills to find artifacts for the monarchs, aided by her robot companion and a reformed sky pirate. When her mentor and surrogate mother CAZ is kidnapped by a militia group run by the rogue monk SPARROWWOOD, Maeve learns that Sparrowwood is close to locating a powerful relic known as the CROWN OF BABYLON, rumoured to have the power to bring back the dead. She teams up with an old friend, BATAAR, a young man who mysteriously came to Esluna from another world years ago, and who was working with Caz to find the crown at the time of her abduction. Now, they must find the crown, save Caz, and stop Sparrowwood from endangering the lives of everyone they know.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcbhSvw3d1Q